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Canada Digital Adoption Program

What is the pcan or canadian digital adoption program? First, only 6280 micro-grants are available so it's first come, first served as it looks! The 70 millions program's aims to help SMEs implement a digital strategy such as transactional website, the development of an advertising campaign on social networks or search such as Google ads, Facebook, Instagram, as well as to implement software (under certain conditions) This program is twofold. The first of $2,400 maximum targets registered or incorporated businesses that have 1 employee excluding the owner or a minimum of $30,000 in income in the year 2021. The second of $15,000 maximum targets businesses with revenues of at least $500 $000 in 2021. To apply, simply fill out a form available online. Once completed (we help you in this process;) you will receive an acceptance email. Once acceptance is received by email with an attachment to sign, you must return the signed grant application with a paid invoice dated after approval from your web agency with the same activities approved on the application. As simple as that! Here is the link to make your request. P.S. we are available to help you fill out the document to maximize the chances of being accepted :)


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